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Nat West - Shatwest. Avoid their home insurance at all costs.

Thanks to GOT for the poster pic.
ShatWest, the piss poor bank that offers piss poor home insurance. The idea being you pay and when you actually make a claim they tell you in an FSA compliant way to fuck the fuck off.

Anyway the new washing machine coming on Wednesday, so shall be enjoying having the convenience of a working washing machine again, rather than having to rely on other folk as we are at present.

No more banging rocks in the local stream like a savage in darkest Bongoland(c) - The Alan Clarke Diaries.

Still that new machine has cost just over £230 notes, plus travel, having to piss about sorting new insurance etc etc. Thanks to Nat West, sorry Shat West I would put it at about £250 minimum.

Not a fantastic amount but still a sting to the wallet. A sting that had they abided by their contract I need not have taken.

Also still nothing from them with regards the complain, not a peep from anyone. I do wonder if, having had a more serious claim like say my humble abode burning down, if Nat West/ShatWest would have been as fucking obnoxious and provided as shit a service as they have done so far.

My feeling sadly is yes.

Lastly as per each post on these utter shytehawks, I shall be sending a mail to what is laughingly called "customer services" in the hope that someone there actually gives a flying fuck about their reputation.

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