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BBC Parasite Jenny Abramsky had an £11,000 leaving party using your money.

So did you go? No, me neither and that was a shame as we all paid for it. Such a shame that we were not invited, after all this was a champagne socialist piss up by the communists of the BBC.

After all why would they invite us along, we are the fools who fund this bloated, biased and vile corporation in aiding the destruction of the UK. We fund the perks, the expenses, the stead drip of poison against our lifestyle, the promotion of islamist beliefs and hatred of all things British.
The BBC spent more than £11,000 of licence payers' money on a leaving party for executive Dame Jenny Abramsky, it was revealed today.

After 39 years of service, the former director of Audio & Music was thrown a lavish do at BBC Radio Theatre in Broadcasting House.

The extravagant celebration included a food and drinks bill of £8,130, £575 on invitations and £1,320 on event management, according to figures quoted in the Daily Telegraph.

Data released under a Freedom of Information request also showed that £1,200 was spent on a film to commemorate Mrs Abramsky's retirement and a further £84 was spent on autograph books.

Among the 540 guests at the high profile party were BBC general-director Mark Thompson, former general -director Greg Dyke and screenwriter Stephen Poliakoff.

Mrs Abramsky, 62, joined the BBC in 1969 as a studio manager. Highlights of her career included setting up BBC Radio 5 Live and BBC News 24.

A BBC spokesman said: 'Jenny Abramsky joined the BBC in 1960 and did almost 40 years' service.

'After such a long period of distinguished service many people wanted to show their respect and appreciation for Jenny's outstanding contribution to the organisation and this was reflected in a guest list of 540 who were invited to the event.'
Could they have not spent their own money on a piss up for a fellow champagne socialist sow? Well no, after all in order to be a proper BBC style parasite you need to suck the money from the host.

The BBC vile, evil, money wasting, it hates our land and everything it stands for.

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