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Plastic glasses on the way.

Plans to replace the traditional pint glass with one made of shatter-proof plastic will not be accepted by drinkers, the pub industry has warned.

The Home Office has commissioned a new design, in an attempt to stop glasses being used as weapons.

Official figures show 5,500 people are attacked with glasses and bottles every year in England and Wales.
Right so lets see, millions and I mean millions of people go out every day for a drink and nothing happens. No arrests, no cautions, no need for the police or glorified dog shit inspectors, sorry PCSO's to be called what so fucking ever.

Same with drunks, we hear of the cost again and again of drunks treated by the NHS and yet millions go out every day and awake with nothing more than a fur coat in their mouth and a hang over. A tiny minority get reported as a problem.

But back to glasses, apparently we are not to be trusted with glasses in the pub, despite having them in our own homes.

Now notice that in the figures they state that the 5,500 people were attacked with glasses and bottles, yet no call to remove the evil glass bottles.

I wonder if the plastic glass companies have a contract with some Labour MP's? Another case of brown envelopes and back door lobbying maybe? Oh and replacing bottles would cost an absolute fortune, the lobbyists would not like that and they pay the Labour MP's.

However the ban it brigade will carry on and do its best to impose another cost on the pub trade,

Now I commented on that here:
From the Morning Advertser. Moves by police forces to pressurise pub operators into replacing glass with polycarbonate vessels are “growing like a bushfire” around the country, a leading trade body has claimed.

The British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) has now made the issue of stopping a blanket ban on glasses one of its main priorities. JD Wetherspoon chief executive John Hutson has claimed requests from police forces are coming in “thick and fast”.
This is already happening in Newport, where get this. You can be served from an evil glass glass before 6pm in a Newport pub and after that you can no longer be trusted and have to sup from a plastic glass!

Pubs and clubs in Newport city centre could soon all be serving drinks in plastic glasses in an attempt to cut down on violent attacks.
Gwent Police have applied for £10,000 funding from the city's community safety partnership to distribute the glasses to pubs and clubs.
Yes I did tear that utter arsewater report apart here.

Oh there is nothing illegal in using a glass - as in proper glass made from glass - after 6pm in town and a few pubs have after having a chat with their legal bods have since told the local police to stick the plastic glasses rules where they put their trunctions when off duty.

See the main point is being missed here. If some idiot throws or otherwise uses a glass/bottle as a weapon and it could be argued that if unable to get hold of a glass they will use any other object to fight with; then throw the book at them.

Bar them from the pub and every pub for good. In fact Labour did pass a law that allowed that to be done.

Seriously the problem is one of law and order not health & safety. Labour have repeated talked tough on crime and failed to deliver. Like the "drinking banning orders", which it was revealed that not one single violent drunk had been barred under this act since it was brought in in 2006.

Home Office minister Alan Campbell said they were not used because of "an improvement in alcohol-related disorder problems" and a new strategy to tackle booze.

Now we can protest to government but this government utterly fails to listen to the people, just look at the smoking ban as an example of that.

But there is the drinkers group CAMRA, they will help surely? Well probably not, oh sure they will make some noise but will not do much aside from that. Part of the problem is that CAMRA HQ is staffed with new age lefties, they want to support the drinkers but they do love the New Labour cock and so aside from soundbites little will happen.

Yes its not principled but then they do love a sit down chat with Labour bod's and even talk to the quango's like Drink Aware, realpolitik in action folks.

Thankfully the utter wankers in Labour will be thrown out come election time.

Remember a vote for Labour is vote for more closed pubs and higher taxes/duties.

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