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Positive news day: Left and right handed cats.

Positive news day...
Cats may be more similar to us than we think, according to a study.

Scientists who played with 42 pet cats for weeks on end concluded that, like humans, moggies are either left or right 'handed'.

And just as men are more likely than women to be left handed, so female felines tend to favour their right paw when tackling complex tasks while toms side with the left.

Although previous studies have attributed 'handedness' to other animals, with chimps and horses knowing their left from their right, the discovery of a paw preference in male and female cats has surprised experts.

But Deborah Wells, a researcher on the latest study, said: 'Our results suggest that there are two distinct populations of paw preference in the cat that cluster very strongly around the animal's sex.'

Psychologists from Queen's University Belfast set the cats three tasks. The first involved retrieving a piece of tuna from a jar too small for their heads.

In the others, the pets pawed at a toy mouse suspended in the air, or dragged along the ground from a string.
Because knowing if you have a left or right pawwed cat is vital news apparently.

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