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Phil Woolas - Stupidity on protests.

Yet another meaningless soundbite from Phil Woolas.

Immigrants who jeer at British troops in the street or 'show disregard for UK values' will be barred from gaining citizenship.

Migrants wanting a UK passport will also have to pass a history test for the first time - an idea ministers had previously spent four years resisting.

Immigration Minister Phil Woolas says that demonstrating against servicemen - as took place recently in disgraceful scenes in Luton - 'enrages' law abiding Britons, and should be a block on a foreigner obtaining citizenship...

Blah blah blah. Look Phil its not rocket science but most of the fucknuts banging on about jihad are already citizens, already have a passport they use to fly out to wage war on UK troops.

They are the same moslems who blew up buses in London and who your piss poor government has thrown billions at in an attempt to civilize the barbarian. Your only answer as a government was to drop the word "terrorism" and cal it "anti islamic activity."


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