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RIP freedom of speech: Died 2009 under New Labour.

Police have been handed 'Chinese-style' powers to enter private homes and seize political posters during the London 2012 Olympics.

Little-noticed measures passed by the Government will allow officers and Olympics officials to enter homes and shops near official venues to confiscate any protest material.

Breaking the rules could land offenders with a fine of up to £20,000.

Civil liberties groups compared the powers to those used by the Communist Chinese government to stop political protest during the 2008 Beijing Games.

Anita Coles, of Liberty, said: 'Powers of entry should be for fighting crime, not policing poster displays. Didn't we learn last time that the Olympics should not be about stifling free expression?'
The powers were introduced by the Olympics Act of 2006, passed by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, supposedly to preserve the monopoly of official advertisers on the London 2012 site.

They would allow advertising posters or hoardings placed in shop or home to be removed.
But the law has been drawn so widely that it also includes 'non-commercial material' - which could extend its reach to include legitimate campaign literature.

Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling said: 'This is a Government who just doesn't understand civil liberties. They may claim these powers won't be used but the frank truth is no one will believe them.'

Liberal Democrat spokesman Chris Huhne said: 'This sort of police action runs the risk of using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. 'We should aim to show the Chinese that you can run a successful Olympics without cracking down on protestors and free speech.'

Scotland Yard denied it had any plans to use the powers.

Right, I am sure we all believe that. I wonder if they will still be saying that after raiding some old grannys flat for daring to put some poster against the Olympics up in her window?...

Also the communists in Labour are also setting up special "Zil Lanes"
More than 250 miles of road are to be reserved for VIPs during the London Olympics.

Up to 80,000 officials, sponsors, politicians and athletes will have congestion free lanes in London and at other venues.

Ordinary motorists face fines if they stray on to the reserved routes, which include sections of the M25. Challenging the fines could lead to a penalty of up to £5,000.

What you need to understand is that Labour believe that you are scum, an inferior untermenchen in your own land.

Your only role is to pay for the state 2012 party and to keep quiet, yes you pay to put your car on the road(unless your a pikey) and yet you are now officially a 2nd class citizen.

You will however be expected to get the fuck out of the way of important politico's, and all the other assorted 1st class citizens, who will be put up (at your expense), driven to Olympic venues(you paid for through your taxes) on roads (you pay for) and that you are not allowed to use.

Remember your role is to fund the socialist elite of New Labour, their lackeys, their supporters and promote the positive image of the 2012 Olympics.

Any dissent will be crushed.

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