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Bashing Bob Ainsworth, the game the whole nation can play...

A very popular game this, mostly due in a large part to Bob Ainsworth being a total tool. Laughingly called a Defence Sec. Bob spends lots of taxpayers money on his expenses, then figures he can grab back some cash by reducing payouts to injured soldiers.

I see that opinionated crybaby has laid into Bob, as well as GOT who provided the above pic. Also Events dear boy has some fine things to say about Bob.

Some previous bashing of Bob, who loves his expenses an has it in for the troops. Who can be compared to Gen. Melchett from Blackadder and who is overseeing the biggest defence cuts since the Crimea.

The way things are going under New Labour, in a few years our armed forces will be cut to the bone.

As I have said before if Algeria or any third world toilet consisting of a few berber tribesmen armed with AK47's and a spears wants to start a fight, start it about a year from now and we will just pop the surrender documents in the post.


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