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Sir Alan Sugar - A well rewarded peer of the New Labour realm.

The infamous Lord Amstrad of Emailer, who is threatening to sue Quentin Letts for calling him stupid and for suggesting that he only got his peerage and government job because he is a TV personality. Sugar’s lawyers, Herbert Smith, sent Quentin a menacing letter talking about putting the matter before a “jury of his peers”.

"A jury of his peers", come on Sir Amstrad, sorry Alan we are not on reality TV now.

The Times has a petition calling on the bearded one to stop acting like a tool and Matthew Parris lays into him in fine style calling him a prat, a dipstick and a wally.

Alan despite bitching about Gordon many years back, is now happy to work for him, has become a peer and in return for the large amount of cash he has donated to New Labour, er his hard work has landed a cushy contract selling PC's to the government.

A remarkable stroke of luck that, nothing what so ever to do with brown envelopes containing lots of cash, honest guv'; the fact his company landed a large government contract is all down to skill and nothing else.

Amusingly, Sir E-Mailer in an amusing twist of fate is doing fine out of this recession thanks to working for New Labour, oh the irony that he complained years ago about Gordon Brown accusing him of making a profit from the previous recession. Still nothing like a peerage to smooth the waters along with a nice contract, as well as lots of mutual free publicity for himself & Labour into the bargain.

Not that this is a peerage for cash, heaven forbid that Labour would make that mistake again, he just happens to have landed a rather good deal.


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