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UK Border Agency FAIL.

Ever wondered why we have so many Illegal migrants here in the UK?
An illegal immigrant is on the run after smuggling himself into Britain underneath a coach full of Border Agency officers returning from France.

The immigration officers - whose job is to stop illegal immigrants entering the country - were oblivious to the stowaway hiding between the fuel tank and the chassis of the coach bringing them through the Channel Tunnel until they arrived at their depot in Folkestone.

The man then made his break for freedom, to join the estimated 725,000 other illegal immigrants living here.
Run Abdul, run.

A political row has now erupted because no action will be taken against the coach driver hired by the Border Agency - unlike hundreds of other lorry drivers who have been prosecuted for unwittingly allowing an illegal immigrant into Britain.

This shows the problem, should a driver make the mistake of not spotting an illegal on board he can get a large fine, should the minions of the state make the same error; well its a case of "won't happen again", "all sorted now", "lessons learned"....(insert meaningless HM Govt soundbite)

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