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Bashing Bob Ainsworth, the game the whole nation(mothballing equipment) can play...

You have to love New Labours strange system of priorities:

1.First off start a war or two based on dubious intelligence.
2.Then not give the troops decent equipment.
3. Then attempt to reduce damages paid to troops after being injured in wars started by New Labour.
4. Now it comes to light that kit that could save lives and reduce the number of injured soldiers, has not been used. See they could have avoided points 2 and 3 by giving them the kit in the first place...

Joined up government, that will be the day. Not under this socialist shower of shits.

Mothballed bomb sweeper that could save lives has been mothballed.
A British anti-bomb device that has saved dozens of American soldiers’ lives is not being used by UK troops – despite a rise in the number killed in road-side attacks.

The Self-Protection Adaptive Roller Kit, known as SPARK, is usually fixed to the front of military vehicles and has rollers which take the full brunt of any blast.

Soldiers are protected from injury and their vehicle is left intact so they can drive away from the ‘hit zone’ rather than suffer further attacks by insurgents., not insurgents they are goat fucking barbarian terrorists.

Previous bashing Bob "the knob" Ainsworth, can be seen here. Bob who loves his expenses an has it in for the troops. Who can be compared to Gen. Melchett from Blackadder and who is overseeing the biggest defence cuts since the Crimea.

Bob also likes a moan:
"I'm such a victim, people attack me over my accent, my moustache... and because I'm no intellectual, moans Bob "the knob" Ainsworth.
No Bob they attack for the lack of moral fibre, the inability to do the job you are paid to do.

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Anonymous said...

the mounting kit isnt the probelm - Big And Expensive {BAE} have taken the money for the development and are now leaving the troops to suffer. Pearsons wanted to field it - they fielded hundreds for yanks on budget and on time - but the BAE and Government bufoons just dont care about the british squaddie Money is king!