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What is the point?

BBC Pravda report
Two so-called "party" drugs and a man-made cannabis substitute will be banned by the end of the year, the Home Office has announced.

At the moment, these "legal highs" are sold openly across the UK and on the internet, but ministers say they are an "emerging threat".

The two drugs, known as BZP and GBL, have been linked to a number of deaths.
So by making them illegal, this will as everyone knows make no difference to the people taking said drugs other than making them liable for criminal prosecution should they be stopped with some in their possession.

Still Labour have not grasped the concept of free choice and risk yet and I hate to break it to them but everyone is well fucking aware of the risks of drugs, aware that some strange chemical mix can possibly kill them. However they offset that against the fun to be had by getting off their tits.

As sad as all drug deaths are, it is a matter of choice. They chose to take the stuff, be a legal or non legal drug.

Still passing a pointless law gives the politicians something to do other than fiddling expenses I guess.

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