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Your data safe in their hands.

Dizzy of the Dizzy Thinks blog was searching on Google for information on an article by Gisela Stuart MP for Birmingham Edgebaston and found a lot more than he expected. The results returned a link to an entry on the MP's own web site which included her user name and password for managing the sites CMS.

According to the web design company responsible, the messages were the result of a data migration from a previous system resulting in the creation of twenty five rogue entries. The leaky entries have now been deleted and according to Dizzy, the credentials were changed within half an hour of his reporting the problem to both the MP's parliamentary and constituency offices and the web design company The Social Media Partnership. The company says that the passwords were not valid on the new system, but that they had instituted an immediate security review to ensure such credential leaks do not occur again.

There you go, panic not all safe, nothing to see here, don't worry about HM Govt putting your data onto countless databases when they can not even guard an MP's information.

I am sure that matters will be corrected and the online message delivered by New Labour Twitter/Twatter Czar Kerry McCarthy MP, who will explain how data is safe under the glorious leaders mono gaze and far safer than if left with baby eating Tories.

Dont expect to listen to her crying about being hard done by. Much like she says nothing with regards her expenses.


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