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300 children added on the DNA database each day.

DNA database madness.
More than 300 children a day are being put on to the DNA database, fuelling fresh fears over the growth of the “Big Brother” state.

Almost 1.1 million youngsters aged between ten and 17 have had their profiles recorded by the police since 2000, with a large proportion aged under 15, the Daily Telegraph can disclose.

And around one in six are likely to have never been convicted of any crime.

Ministers are currently reviewing the database but proposals would still see the profiles of innocent people kept for up to 12 years.

Youngsters who commit one minor crime will be kept on until they reach 18 while those guilty of sex or violent crimes will be kept indefinitely.

Of course when we have a paranoid depressive in No. 10, then little wonder that we are all regarded as suspects to be tagged and logged on the assorted government databases. When we have an utterly insane and howling at the moon PM in charge, its little wonder that paranoia works its way down from No.10 into the police force.

A hat tip to GOT for the braille message to Gordon Brown who's eyesight it is claimed is failing in his remaining eye.

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TheBigYin said...

What is going on? I try to ignore some things but when more and more people tell me something is wrong I eventually wake up! I say again, what the fuck is going on?