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Insane! Gordon Brown claims to have saved half a million jobs.

Insane and gibbering shyte, Gordon McBrown made a bizzare claim that the bank bailout saved 500,000 jobs.
Right, so lets see. Gordon was warned years back about rising debt levels, who was warned years back about dubious bank trading in dodgy loan packages, who was warned that endless spending could not go on and did absolutely fuck all; is now attempting to grab the credit.

So having done the total of absolutely fuck all, he then throws our money at the same financial institutions that had a merry old time in blowing billions to folk who could never pay it back.

The question should be, how many jobs, houses and pain could he have saved had he realised that a debt bubble financing a period of economic growth can not keep growing forever?

Yet more inane babbling from Mrs Rochester aka PM Gordon Brown.

When we hear that he has issues with medication and comes across as paranoid, insane and howling at the moon. It is little wonder things are falling apart. Not that he could see the problems as it is claimed his eyesight is failing in his remaining eye.

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