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Attorney General Baroness Scotland employed illegal migrant.

One rule for normal folk and another for New Labour types. The minister in charge of prosecuting criminals has been employing an illegal immigrant.

For the past six months Attorney General Baroness Scotland has paid Loloahi Tapui, 27, from Tonga, to look after her large family home in West London. using the National Insurance number issued to her as a student.

Last night Lady Scotland denied knowing of her illegal status and fired her immediately.
But Lady Scotland could theoretically be prosecuted under laws that she is paid to enforce.

Even unknowingly employing an illegal is still an offence, punishable by a £10,000 fine, under legislation that she helped steer through Parliament as a Home Office minister in 2006.

A member of the righteous, she has gained vast wealth and power from Lording it over the rest of us, each and every government office held in her political career has been an unelected appointment; a typical champagne socialist of New Labour her own official biography confirms that she has never actually stood for election to any public office.

I wonder if she is fined £10K, if that will be claimed back on expenses? Not that that is very likely, after all one rule for the New Labour filth and another for the Pakistani curry shop owner....

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