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The socialist utopia:Mother killed herself and daughter in car fire over gang's abuse

A despairing mother killed herself and her disabled daughter by setting her car on fire after enduring a relentless campaign of abuse from a gang of youths.

Unable to cope with the torment Fiona Pilkington, 38, drove with 18-year-old daughter Francecca Hardwick to a lay-by with a 10-litre can of petrol.

The single mother then doused old clothes in the back of the blue Austin Maestro before setting light to it with her daughter and herself still inside.

It is thought Mrs Pilkington, who also had a son, used her daughter's pet rabbit to ensure she would not try and get out of the vehicle.

Relatives today told an inquest that they believe she decided to kill her daughter out of fear that nobody else would be able to cope with her after her suicide.

The hearing, at Loughborough Town Hall, heard that she and her children had been targeted by a group of up to 16 youths.

The abuse started when the family moved into the house on Bardon Road in Barwell, Leicestershire, but it escalated after her severely dyslexic son, Anthony Hardwick, now 19, fell out with a friend who lived on the street.

The unnamed boy would taunt them at the front of their house by shouting: “We can do anything we like and you can’t do anything about it.”

Members of the gang would throw abuse at the family, pelt the house with stones, flour and eggs and would urinate on their property, The week before she died Mrs Pilkington taped up her letterbox to prevent the gang from pushing fireworks through it.

During one incident Fiona Pilkington’s son Anthony was put at knifepoint into a shed.

When the family made friends with the paperboy, the gang started abusing him so he stopped being friendly.

Despite dozens of calls to the police and Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council, little was done to help the family.

12 years of social engineering, pouring money to the feckless for every perceived injury, a legal system slanted to award damages for the most frivilous of excuses whilst Def. Sec. Bob Ainsworth takes soldiers to court to claw back damages.

This is what they have landed us with, no go areas on the streets, ghetto's where a white face is the odd one out, where when people attempt to instill discipline they are the ones arrested, of PCSO's plastic do nothing police instead of real officers, of failed social services.

Labour caused this mess and have done sweet fuck all to sort it out, other than fiddle their expeneses and talk crap.

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