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Baroness Scotland - Up before the bar...

Schadenfreude, trust the Germans to have a word that perfectly describes my feelings over this. Still the Attorney General broke the law, the illegal claims she never showed her the passport, an is facing lots of awkward questions:
The Bar Standards Board has received a number of complaints about the beleaguered Cabinet minister, who was fined £5,000 for employing an illegal immigrant.

The development further intensifies pressure on Lady Scotland to step down amid growing concern within Labour that the affair will dominate this week's party conference.
The Bar Standards Board does not normally investigate complaints about a lawyer's private life, but its own guidelines acknowledge that such an inquiry may be launched in "exceptional circumstances".
A spokeswoman for the board declined to comment about Lady Scotland's case and refused to disclose how many complaints had been received. 
Go on sack her from the bar. Lets see how long Gordon offers his support to his top legal person who is then unable to practice law.

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