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James Gordon "Cyclops" Brown - Polls show he is worse than Kinnock.

You know your in the shit when the polls reveal they would rather Welsh windbag Neil Kinnock.
Alistair Darling has attacked his own party for looking like it has lost 'the will to live' and urged the party to mount a spirited fightback as the General Election approaches.
In a pre-conference interview, the Chancellor said: 'We don't look as if we have got fire in our bellies. We have got to come out fighting.'
But he acknowledged that he and Prime Minister Gordon Brown had their own roles to play in lifting Labour's morale.
'From the Prime Minister, the Chancellor, every Government minister. It is all our responsibilities,' he told The Observer.
Darling's fighting talk comes as a new poll commissioned by the Mail On Sunday shows that Brown is now considered a worse leader than Neil Kinnock.
No wonder, the largest ever peacetime debt soaring up at over £6000 quid a second, spending out of control, crime and immigration out of control whilst the champagne socialist MP's stick their snouts ever deeper into our pockets for perks.

I wonder if McSnotty will put on a Welsh accent, dye his hair ginger and go for the Kinnock vote? Lord Bedwetting as Kinnock is jokingly called here in Wales, was popular in some of the more remote Welsh villages like Abercumfuckwit.

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