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Binmen refuse to collect rubbish due to maggot.

Yet another tale of recycling madness. Council binmen refused to empty a recycling box containing a maggot - claiming it amounted to livestock.

Homeowner John Harlow, 60, was told it was against council rules for contractors to handle 'live animals'.

Officials said the box's contents would only be collected if it was placed in his domestic waste bin.John, a parish councillor, blasted 'jobsworth' staff at Warwick District Council for their 'overzealous' attitude.

The father of two, from Leek Wootton near Warwick, said: 'I live in the country and see livestock like sheep, pigs and cattle regularly but there were none in my box.

'It's ridiculous. I pay nearly £2,500 per annum to the council for services. When am I going to get any?

'It is hardly surprising the odd maggot gets into the rubbish when they only collect the bins every two weeks.'

This sort of thing will go on for a while yet, as they say a fish rots from the head down. We have as PM a bizarre gibbering idiot, the sort of person that one reads about as an Emperor in ancient Rome.

Whilst Gordon Brown the insane gibbering idiot remains as PM this will carry on happening.

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