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Carry on thieving: MP's still cashing in.

We have heard a lot about reform, alas we have Tory wet John Bercow as speaker and with an insane gibbering idiot, a barking madman, a loon, a Prime Minister of Madland; the insane hoon James Gordon Brown. Reform of MP expenses is not likely to happen any time soon.

MPs are pocketing up to £5,000 an hour in outside earnings during their 82-day summer break, it was revealed yesterday.
Figures slipped out by the Parliamentary authorities reveal for the first time that dozens of MPs have registered huge sums in private earnings since the Commons broke up for the summer on July 21.
The revelations undermine claims by many MPs that the long recess, which continues until October 12, is devoted to constituency work. And they are likely to deal a further blow to the public image of Westminster, which has been heavily tarnished by the expenses scandal.
Among the big earners are a number of MPs criticised for making lavish expenses claims.
In many cases those involved are being paid large sums by companies which have interests directly related to their former ministerial roles.
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