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Brown to ban '24-hour drinking'

Fresh from planning to lock up young girls in his gulags for slags bill for immoral crimes against the New Labour state, the one eye'd PM McSnotty new plans to hit drinkers yet again.

The Morning Advertiser reports that the worthless sack of shit that no-one voted for, sorry, the Prime Minister is to give councils new powers to ban all 24-hour licences in their area and make pubs pay for street cleaning and policing.
He said: "No one has yet cracked the whole problem of a youth drinking culture. We thought that extended hours would make our city centres easier to police and in many areas it has.
Er, yes they have its called enforcing the existing laws on selling of booze to underage folk and refusing to serve people who are already drunk.

In a further blow for the beleaguered pub trade, he said he would also introduce new powers to force pubs and clubs to pay for street cleaning and policing.

"Where there is persistent trouble from binge drinking, we will give local people the right to make pubs and clubs pay for cleaning up their neighbourhood and making it safe."

Gosh and I thought that we already paid through the nose for the police and street cleaning via the council tax, so no he is to impose another direct tax on business with no representation. Oh and for "local people", what Gordon means is councils, not local people.

Brown also said where individuals are found guilty of drink-related crimes they must be given drink banning orders. Gosh another law on top of the 3000+ laws and petty regulations that you lot have given us since 1997, I can not wait.

Oh but wait, the New Labour scum have already brought in a law like this, anyone remember Drinking banning orders? The law that Labour brought in and failed to use, now we are getting a recycled old law put forward as a new law.

Someone slip our mad PM a few sedatives as he evidently needs a bit more sleep.

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