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Roman Polanski

Well there has been a lot of fake tears and bleating from the media types over the arrest warrant on Roman Polanski. Plus lots of usual anti-US bleating from the same people who seem to think that arresting a self confessed paedophile is a bad thing.

Polanski makes the excuse that the 13 year old girl he abused was already sexually experienced, the same rubbish that every pedophile comes out with. He complains that he had done a deal with the prosecution and settled for money with the victim, in much the same way that Gary Glitter attempted to buy his way out trouble in the far east.

Well done the Swiss judge and lets hope that they do not grant him bail as he is a flight risk and if released it will be like the Great Escape in reverse with Polanski fleeing for the safety of France. 

His new defence is, 'It was a long time ago', well yes it was and the main reason is that he was granted bail, then chose to have it away on his toes....

See also http://isacunt.blogspot.com/2009/09/roman-polanski.html

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