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Ed Balls aka Piers Fletcher-Dervish - Expensive fucker.

First off we have Ed banging on about the investment his shower of shit have made, then he flips an starts banging on about sacking 40,000 teaching assistants.

Now he is going to cut £2 billion off the Education budget - All the while saying that no money has been wasted and how his cuts won't affect any of the wee little ones in any way.

Now we find out his department has had its offices tarted up in some office makeover costing £3 million quid?

Next time Eddy go's on about baby eating Tories cutting education an taking the food of the wee kiddies mouths, just ask yourself how many teaching assistants would £3 million quid pay for?

Yet another expensive fiddling, house flipping, grafting champagne socialist piece of worthless New Labour shit disgracing the office of MP.

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