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Jack Straw plays sexism card re Baroness Scotland.

Jack Straw sticks in his 2p worth:
The Justice Secretary said the Attorney General was being attacked excessively because she is a woman.
Straw hit back at Lady Scotland's critics: 'Had the attorney been a man, I suspect none of this opprobrium would have fallen, because they would have said, "Oh, I leave all these things to my wife. I don't know anything about them".'
Asked if Baroness Scotland had made the allegation of sexism, Mr Straw, who was speaking in an interview with the Financial Times, said: 'She hasn't raised it. I have'.
Gosh really Jack. So its not anything to do with a woman drafting a law, then being caught by that very law. Its not anything to do with her being punished to a lesser extent than other members of the public by being fined just £5000 rather than the full £10,000, or indeed anything to with her claiming despite all the evidence to have done nothing wrong.

In fact it's nothing to do with the emerging story, that she might have, well actually lied her arse off to everyone involved.

Nothing to do with the fact that her fellow legal types have decided she has questions to answer with regards her conduct.

Nothing to do with the fact that even shifty expense fiddling Stephen Hesford resigns as her aide.

Then we have her expenses...

 Its all just old fashioned sexism is it Jack? Hardly.

Previously on the champagne swilling New Labour Baroness I mentioned that she was fined,that the Baroness was toast, that the racecard may well be played, on the Baroness an her illegals. More on her covering up and obvious lack of knowledge, and how its time we had her scalp. Petition for Gordon to sack Baroness Scotland

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