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Food waste nonsense.

Well apparently a report has shown(an we all know how accurate Govt reports are), that folk in Scottish households throw away a billion pounds worth of food a year.

Yep, fresh from nannying them about their drinking, Labour are now starting on their eating habits and I am sure Cyclops will be sticking his oar in again.

No doubt you will all remember our Gorgon tucking into his 18 course meal at the G8?

Yep Gordon who on July 7th urged people not to waste food. Then in fine style on July 8th, chowed down on an 18 course meal as they discussed global food shortages.

I wonder if Gordon eat all 18 courses? Well he does look like a bloated foie gras goose so most likely, anyway back to the report:
Commenting on the report, Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead said: "I'm sure most people would agree that it's shocking to think that society needlessly wastes £1bn of food each year in Scotland.
Can they not leave folk the fuck alone? Maybe if they removed half the best before/sell by dates off the packaging they may reduce some of this alleged waste.

Anyone else think that there is an irony on a government that pisses away 1bn of UK foreign aid on propaganda is talking to us about waste.

I wonder how many starving wee kiddies in Bongoland could have been saved by that billion quid?

SPOING, the irony meter has broken again.

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