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Woy Twatersley defends Cyclops.

Pic stolen from GOT
WRoy TwatersleyHattersley has woken up and missed the fucking point.

He says that the campaign to force the Prime Minister to “come clean” on his role in the Lockerbie bomber’s return to Libya is, at best, a farce and, at worst and more likely, hypocritical hokum that has no other purpose than to fill news pages and airtime and to improve Conservative prospects in next year’s general election.

Well come on Roy, it looks suspect: first off we have a whole raft of letters from assorted ministers, then Lord Fondlebum swans off for a meeting with the Libyan leaders son(hope he kept his back to wall, they disapprove of that sort of thing in Arab lands); as well as comments from that same leaders son that again reflect badly on Brown & Labour.

Brown has been from day one a shifty lying fucker, dodging and screwing over everyone to save his own skin.

Well lets say-an I don't believe this for a millisecond - that Roy may even be right, that the PM is as pure as driven snow in this. The simple fact is he has cried wolf that often, then now when he wants to be believed, we all think he has ended up looking like a shifty fucker caught with his hand in the till.

Below is a pic of Woy from classic telly series Spitting Image.

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