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Gordon Brown go's running and its not a half seeing, going blind hoon.

Get this one from the Telegraph: Gordon Brown has been forced to deny that he is going blind as he brushed off suggestions that he could use concerns over his health as an excuse to resign.
Telling critics that their “hopes” that he would stand down were in vain, the Prime Minister insisted that he was fully fit to govern and went running regularly to maintain his health.
You what? Go's running, that fat fucker? Next they will have us believe that David Blunkett is a rally driver and his guidedog Sadie is the fucking co-driver as well.

Of course when caught out, repeat the lie:
“I am healthy and I am very fit. I run a lot to keep fit and I will continue to keep fit. "I keep going. I have got a job to do. I have got work to do."
Yeah right and next week your off to take part in Mr Universe. What utter horsecock. As I said here about our fioe gras bloated PM who I described as a "blubber laden PM who risks a fucking harpoon should he ever swim in the seas off of Japan."

The fat fucker even had the nerve to bleat an complain about the press pointing out he was in fact a fat fucker who they mocked as such in cartoons.
He considers himself to be a political heavyweight, but it appears that Gordon Brown doesn't like being drawn as one. It has emerged this weekend that he has complained to newspaper cartoonists that they draw him on the rather large side – "fat" was the word the PM used.
Mr Brown is known to have brought the subject up with at least two national newspaper artists, including The Independent's Dave Brown, pulling them up on their portrayal of him and insisting: "I'm not that fat." A touch vain? Perhaps.
But, in complaining, he joins a host of image-conscious politicians who fret over the way in which they are parodied in the media.
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