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Gordon Fails to put bums on seats.

Gordon Brown who half avoiding the question of being a mad hoon, howling at the moon and loaded up with happy pills in an interview today; has also said that voters will back Labour at the next election once they realise that he has "led the world" out of recession.

When even the card carrying drones fail to turn up you know the writing is on the wall. So not only saved the world, or was it banks but led it like some mono visioned Moses to the socialist promised land.

What a cunt. Oh our national debt - a debt Gordon helped in a large part to create - is still soaring upwards at £6000+ a second, listen carefully you can hear the sound of your future being pissed up against the wall by Gordon.

If the Prime Mentalist thinks he is going to win he really has been at the antidepressants, which of course he claimed he had not been doing.

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