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David Blunkett - Compulsory voting.

David Blunkett the scribbler for tabloid paper The Sun and fresh from nearly but sadly not killed by a cow; has decided that the problem is not piss poor corrupt politicians who do not listen but that we are all lazy and need to driven out to vote:

"We should introduce compulsory voting between now and next May. Forty per cent of the population aren't voting, therefore they are leaving the other 60% to cast their vote for them and we know that those in greatest need are least likely to vote," he said.
And how about if we made it compulsory for Mr Blunkett to visit that bovine, the same one that nearly took him out until the cow gets it right and improves the world oh so fucking slightly by killing off this odious little political cock.

Now I vote, however I do understand the viewpoint and a valid one held by many people that the politicians they vote for are corrupt, shifty, amoral cunts who if they thought they could get away with it would dig up your dead gran and take the pillars to her gold teeth; an so are not worthy of their time in voting for.

 Rather than a dubious plan to try and maximize the Labour vote by forcing the chavs out of JD Wetherscum and into the polling stations they should offer us better politicians. 

 Given the choice between a grafting sleazy cunt like Blunkett who whores himself for a tabloid, then whores himself again as a director of a company that is involved with ID cards - whilst telling us that ID cards are jolly good for us all; or paying a fine for not voting I would sooner not vote. 

Blunkett is a symbol of all that is wrong with the political class in this land, a greasy, self serving, run off to court rather than do my job an see if I am the father, amoral fucker with no redeeming qualities what so fucking ever. A huge evil puss filled zit on the face of politics that is in dire need of bursting.

A shame that side of beef missed killing him. 

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