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Health scare nonsense.

From BBC Pravda:
Unhealthy men 'may lose 10 years'

Middle-aged men who smoke, have high blood pressure and raised cholesterol levels face dying about 10 years before healthier counterparts, a study warns.

Dr Robert Clarke, of the Clinical Trial Service Unit at the University led the study.

He said: "'We've shown that men at age 50 who smoke, have high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels can expect to survive to 74 years of age, while those who have none of these risk factors can expect to live until 83."
Gosh 74. Well thats enough for me to do what I need to, I guess I could hang on stuck full of tubes and with more drugs in me than the PM has only to die from MRSA/C.Diff/Starvation or something nasty in an NHS hospital; but screw it I would rather pass on that.

Pass me a beer and some rich food.

Oh and Professor Alan Maryon-Davis, president of the UK Faculty of Public Health and uber-nanny sticks his pointed fucking nose in saying: "These findings also help to explain why people who are less well off are more likely to die younger.

Well the good Prof. who I called a New Labour cuntmonkey for his calls for even more state nannying, can fuck the fuck off as well.

He added "Poorer people tend to smoke more, eat less healthy diets and suffer more psychosocial stress - all adding to their risk of heart disease. These are the people who need help most."

Their lives, their choices but that has never stopped cuntmonkeys from talking down the great unwashed mass of plebs and proles.

Update - just noticed DK's place has something on this:
Fuck me, but is this really what it all comes down to? The endless public health scare stories. The fascist smoking legislation. The rapacious tax rises. The fake charities. The obesity 'epidemic'. Ian bastard Gilmore. It all comes down to the risk of dying at the age of 74? And I can eat what I want and smoke tabs as well?
Hurrah, done of us are leaving the World alive, so why worry.

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