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It has just got worse for James Gordon Brown.

Just when you all thought that Gordon Brown has landed his mono eye'd self in as much shit as it is possible to be dumped it, I see this gem:
"Cherie Blair has said that she intends to campaign for Labour at the general election"
Now this, oh the joy. A woman hated by everyone, except by Tone & Mrs Blair herself, a woman who's grasping, clawing of perks and privilege made her universally hated is going to "help" Gordon.

The cynical side of me is thinking she is planning to sink the SS Labour and knows her help will do just that.

What with the brothers an sisters of theTUC laying down the law to Gordo, the accusations of his being on antidepressants and the economy being totally cunted under his mismanagement.

Then we have this story in The Times.

Labour is funding trade union activity inside Whitehall with millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money, The Times has learnt.

Government departments are paying the salaries of dozens of union officials, some earning more than £60,000 a year, who do no work for the taxpayer.

The Conservatives expressed horror last night at the “cadre of union officials” embedded across Whitehall.

Someone pass Gordon his pills, he is going to need them...

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