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Dhimmi minister John Denham attacks students.

John Denham is not very happy that students are living in enclaves. DK has much to say on this.
Ministers are to act against student enclaves by pushing through new laws making it harder for neighbourhoods in university towns to be colonised by large student populations.

Such enclaves often lead to resentment between students and local people, with whole boroughs left underpopulated in the summer months while renting students go on holiday. Some residents also argue that students upset the character of an area by ignoring the community in which they live.
John is saying that he and his government are to dictate what people can do with their own property, dictate who they can let property to and shows labours contempt for the rights of home owners to do what they will with their own property.

Mind you students make an easy target for Labour,so far under Labour we have had tuition fees, the abolition of grants, the measuring of student loan interest rates at RPI inflation rates....

No doubt teams of inspectors and snoopers all equiped with clipboards and rights of entry will be knocking doors to enforce this.
A source stressed that Denham was not being anti-student, and that he recognised that only a minority of students are involved in the type of anti-social behaviour that can blight neighbourhoods.
Still may be a minority but he is prepared to hit them all in an authoritarian manner. So very New Labour in that respect. They have done this before, think smokers, drinkers, car owners, etc etc etc.

Maybe Denham can let us all know where these students - who often live together to save cash - are going to live? Or as is more likely, this is soundbite politics aimed at generating some cheap headlines for this odious little shit.

Now I wonder if John Denham would say the same thing about landlords who let propertys to immigrants, who take over areas? Oh no as that would not be PC and right on, according to Labour students are an acceptable grouping to attack.

Mind its not the first time they have stuck their communist oar into private property rights, just look at the smoiking ban.

Hat tip to Unenlightened comment for this: Compare and contrast: On the 11th of Sept. he denounces groups who move to an area and then form enclaves and refuse to adapt to the host community's culture. The next day John Denham denounces people who demonstrate against groups who they claim move into an area and then form enclaves and refuse to adapt to the host commuity's culture.

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