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Moslems threaten another attack on the UK:

Ay up yet more threats from the "religion of peace"! London, Sep 12(ANI): British Muslim fanatics have issued fresh warnings of impending terrorist attacks in the country and claimed that volunteers are ready to follow three British Muslims convicted of conspiring to blow up planes with bottles of explosives.

Earlier, British airport security staff and police had foiled a plot to blow up airliners, and arrested three men -Abdullah Ahmed Ali, Tanvir Hussein and Assad Sarwar. The three have been convicted and are awaiting sentences.

“How many more Abdullahs, Tanvirs and Assads are still out there? Can the British Government really be successful at every attempt?,” The Sun quoted an online message, as saying.

According to reports, the message was issued in a website operated by Anjem Choudary, an extremist Islamist and follower of Omar Bakri Mohammed, and it also warned that Britain will suffer major terrorist attacks unless troops are withdrawn from Afghanistan. (ANI)

No doubt John "dhimmi" Denham the overpaid Communities Minister will be blaming the EDL/SIOE or someone else rather than the barbarian moslem hordes. Anjem who runs the website is well known for his hatred of all things English.

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