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New Labours ethic foreign policy in action:Zimbabwe.

So anyone else remember New Labour's flash promises on giving us an ethical foreign policy?

I am not quite sure on what they meant by that? if it was sexing up dossiers to get involved in wars in the middle east, or taking bungs off of strange folk from abroad for business contracts, or selling guns to African dictators who hang necklaces of human skulls around their necks; then I guess they have kept their promises.

Now we are told that Robert Mugage's Zimbabwe is to get $500 million dollars from the IMF. They just have to cross their fingers and promise to spend the money on redeveloping their country.

So with no opposition from the UK we are going to prop up yet another bunch of mass murdering thugs, where free speech no longer exists and even the BBC is banned from reporting. Nu-Labour are going to help prop Zimbabwe's dictatorship.

Still at least they don't have to return any terrorists to Zimbabwe for this deal.

Had this Labour government been in power 70 years ago our Gordon would be helping out that nice Mr Hitler and his pal Jo Stalin after all they signed a peace pact so what could go wrong?...


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