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Yet more control rubbish: New teaching code/

Yet more control freakery from the General Teaching Council.

The code aims to maintain “reasonable standards” and to uphold public confidence, even when they are not at work.

But teachers and unions say the new code, due to come into force next month, is intrusive to their private lives, is against their human rights and could unfairly put the careers of many in jeopardy.

Yet off ones face on a weekend and they could face the sack, have a "odd" hobby or some "odd" habits and its the righteous who define what is approved of.

Well its happening all over the place, a member of the wrong party the baby eating BNP an that shall cost you your job, express a viewpoint that does not go along with the dogma of the righteous and its P45 time.

Yet now it is the leftie teachers, many of whom voted for this control freak government are now not happy that a body set up New Labour in 1998 is looking at snooping into their lives.

Not a peep out of the teachers when the snooping was on us proles, but now its on them they are not happy.

Cause and effect as they say. Maybe they will learn and not vote for the utter vile filth and evil that is the Labour party come election day.

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