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Paul Flynn meeting on Afghanistan.

I found out that my libel case losing MP Paul Flynn, was due to speak in the Civic Center and so popped along for a listen.

Welll worth it for an insight into what we are getting for £64K a year(plus another £100K expenses a year); sadly the answer is not very much.

The people their were all - no matter what party they voted for - rather pissed off with the way our soldiers and other military staff are treated and that was one of the main topics of the evening. Labour and its mono eye'd PM received rather a good savaging over that one.

Although Flynn did try to direct things towards Afghanistan, and the message of pulling out as soon as possible; sadly for him time and time again the topic came back to the poor standard of our troops equipment. The anger was aimed firmly at Labour on that one, no amount of spin on Flynn's part could divert that away from the party.

Still as I commented it was nice to speak to an MP without being censored, something I mocked him about here, not sure if he got the reference but if he reads this he will. At least when you speak to an MP directly they can not delete the comments out afterwards! Unlike Mr Flynn's blog that seems to be in Pravda mode with dissenting messages!

I was very amused at the woman in front of me who pointed out that female Labour MP's were a disgrace and how she would not vote for them as well as how a certain former female Labour MP would be spinning in her grave. Spot on. Well said that lady, she did not mention any directly by name but its not difficult to guess which ones she meant.

MP expenses got a mention - or twelve - and Flynn did his best to try and dodge that particular bullet. If anything can be gathered from those assembled, the MP expenses fiasco has not been forgotten and folk are still baying for blood on that one.

I asked why Jessica Morden had voted against Gurkha's being allowed to settle here in the UK, a vote that was thankfully defeated? Flynn went off on a tangent and avoided that one, mentioning what a nice person she was. Thats as maybe but she is and always will be a Blair babe, flown in for Newport as a reward for handling the Ron "Badger" Davies party show trial.
That will be a vote that will come back and haunt that woman in the run up to the election, having spoken to a few former soldiers they are not very happy at that.
A Plaid voter made several digs at Flynn's party re points above, which was quite amusing mostly for seeing Flynn squirm.

One sad point was the Tory candidate who had little to add and I thought maybe I should have provided him with notes in advance. Still with the anger against Labour still fresh I am sure that a hat stand with a blue rosette could beat Flynn.

Will have to get a "Newport Deserves Better" top printed off before the next meeting...

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