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PM Gordon "Cyclops" Brown throws a tantrum - time for his meds?

BWWWWWAAAAAA HA HA HA Gordon loses his cool in public, yes The Prime Mentalist became furious as he conducted a string of interviews, claiming he was not being allowed to talk about policy, issue endless tractor stats or give avoid giving answers to questions.

At one point, Mr Brown tried to walk off at the end of a fiery exchange with Sky's political editor Adam Boulton.

But the move descended into farce because he was still linked up to a microphone and had not realised he was supposed to stay put for the next interview.

Yes I have mentioned that the PM is mad and may be on MAOIs - which stands for Mono Amine Oxidase Inhibitors - are generally a last line of treatment for major depression, when other anti-depressant drugs have failed. They can also be very effective in treating OCD. But they are potentially extremely dangerous.

There have been rumours about Brown's health and mental state for several years, of course. In 2004, Simon Heffer wrote in theSpectator that the PM displayed many signs of Asperger's Syndrome, including obsessional behaviour patterns and humourlessness. And it is well documented that Brown, already blind in his left eye, has been losing sight in his right eye....

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