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New Labour Twitter Czar Kerry McCarthy MP delivers a reply to The Sun.

Kerry McCarthy is the Labour Party's "Twitter Tsar", the MP for Mogadishu East, er Bristol who has to deliver the snot eating PM's message to the magical interweb.

What with the news that one of the biggest papers in the land has given Gordon notice that he is an inept fuckwit and should fuck off asap, Kerry has had to Twitter the message to the party drones.

She Twittered:
Labour doesn't need The Sun. We've got Twitter.
Really, thats nice dear.

Now for the truth, in the real World there are vast numbers of people who never use the internet, the do however watch Sky News, the BBC(both of which have covered the story of The Sun ditching Labour) and go out to the shops each day to buy a paper.

Kerry who thinks that "proper politics" is happening on Twitter, needs to get a grip. Losing the support of a national paper is a disaster for any party, and Twitter is not the same no matter how much Kerry seems to imagine it is somehow "proper politics"

Expect New Labour Twitter Czar Kerry McCarthy MP to do her best in denying everything, keep on blocking those who oppose her party, claiming that Gordon is God and all is well. Kerry does like crying about being hard done by. Much like she says nothing with regards her expenses. Oh and she also hates private schooling.

Hat tip to Dazed an confused for the pic. I wonder who will be the next Twitter Czar when Kerry is booted out of office on election day?

Altogether now #KerryMccathyisahoon

Update - Old Holborn mocks her in fine style:
....Most of her constituents have Somali as a first language anyway and are too busy trying to master eating with a knife and fork to be bothered with 140 charachter messages on a laptop. Obama used the Internet because Democrats are savvy Liberals with Macs and blackberries. The only blackberries Labour voters know about are down by the railway embankment, covered in used scratchcards.
Now there's a thought Kerry. Spread the message on chip wrappers, cans of Stella, Rizla papers, pizza boxes, Halal kebabs and benefit forms. In Urdu of course. Straight to your core vote.
Indeed, Twitter that Kerry.

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