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Thick dumbass minister New Labour David Lammy forced to backtrack.

Higher education minister David Lammy has been forced to backtrack after accusing Cambridge University of being racially prejudiced.

He claimed it was not acceptable that the elite institution gave more places to students with 'White' as their surname than those from black backgrounds.

Mr Lammy made the incendiary comments in a draft of a key speech but later dropped them as he addressed an audience of black teenagers at Liverpool University.

In the past, ministerial concern has focused on the perceived failure of Oxford and Cambridge to admit more students from working-class homes.

However, Mr Lammy, who is MP for Tottenham, turned his attention to the under-representation of black students at elite universities.

He said it could not be right that black students in London were concentrated in a few institutions.

Jolly good news for those named Brown, White, Green etc who will no longer need rebranding.

Lammy is not known as a mastermind due to his piss poor showing on that telly show.

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