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David Lammy - Dim Labour MP for Tottenham and Minister for Higher Education & Intellectual Property.

David Lammy MP said on his website: 
David Lammy will appear on Celebrity Mastermind on BBC One on Sunday 28th December. 

David’s specialist subject is Muhammad Ali. He chose to answer questions about the life and times of the famous boxer because Ali’s outstanding achievements as an athlete inspire other young men to strive for excellence in their own lives.

Sadly for the Minister for Higher Education & Intellectual Property, he did not do all that well.

First up there is the tale reported in The Grauniad that they have been giving crib sheets to help out contestants. Although BBC refer to them as "Helpful and accurate resource tools". 

Sadly David Lammy who only got 5 points on general knowledge must have not taken advantage of that. Which I hope is the case otherwise not only is he a "cheat" but frighteningly stupid as well being unable to remember the answers.

One bad answer was about the surname of the "Marie and Pierre" couple, world famous for being the early pioneers in radiation research being "Antoinette"?...Doh!

He also failed to identify the highest tier of theatre seating as “the gods” 

Thought that the cheese often eaten with port was red Leicester rather than Stilton.

But Lammy’s tour de force was his assertion that the monarch who succeeded Henry VIII was “Henry VII”. 

Still for a dim MP he still managed to blag a cool £115,836 in expenses. Guess that is champagne socialism in action.

But like many a dim socialist he hates his sleaze being exposed and voted to protect MP's from freedom of information requests.

New Labour a huge "gold standard cock-up", amoral, corrupt and evil to the core.

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