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Tony McNulty popping everywhere.

Has this Labour MP taken over rent-a-quote Stephen Pounds job of turning up for soundbites on the telly box?

Yet no mention from any of the media whores he was talking to with regards his expenses:

From the Harrow Times...A HARROW MP who claimed public money for a house his parents live in has fallen victim to a graffiti vandal.

The door of Tony McNulty's office, in Byron Road, was daubed with the words “that's £60,000 you owe me Tony” last week.

The vandal is apparently angry at the conduct of the Harrow East MP, who claimed £60,000 from the public purse in allowances for a second home in Harrow, which turned out to be his parents' home.
He was also one of the scumbags who attempted to stop Gurkha OAP's from settling here in the UK.

A grasping fuckwad who claims as much as he can from the public purse(expenses PDF)
Council tax which we have to pay, he claims back. Nice work comrade McNulty.

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