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Aye up, more Labour infighting. Rosie Cooper the Elephantidae MP in the room.

As the party bars a politician from standing under them for making jokes about a womans weight:
A veteran Labour politician has been barred from standing for election by party bosses - for allegedly comparing his local MP to an elephant.

Former council leader Alan Bullen was banned last month after a national party disciplinary panel censured him for reportedly being rude at a public event about Labour MP Rosie Cooper's weight.

The action against Mr Bullen comes amid a series of bitter personal feuds in Ms Cooper's West Lancashire party.

Earlier this year, Ms Cooper - chairman of a parliamentary slimming group - admitted she did not have a 'Kate Moss-like' figure after she came under fire for buying a doughnut, chocolate and crisps on her expenses.

The comments that landed Mr Bullen in trouble came as he was speaking at a ceremony installing him as an alderman, when he accused people 'at the highest level' in the party of endorsing attempts to smear him.
He said: 'We are all gathered here together and no one is going to mention the "elephant in the room", that of which we do not speak.
'A majority of those present hope that their support for me will provoke the elephant to do something even more stupid than usual: others sit there in fear and dread less they incur the elephant's displeasure. And the noblest group of all remain indifferent to the elephant with their integrity intact.'
Mr Bullen, 71, then declared that his political career had not ended and said: 'It isn't over till the fat lady sings.'
Like it, nice one Mr Bullen. He had best be careful she might hit him with her trunk.

Now I have covered the elephant, er MP that is Rosie Cooper before, when I mentioned her buying sweets and buns on expenses; although amusingly Dumbo Ms Cooper has previously campaigned for healthy eating in the fight against obesity- That would be other peoples obesity not her own - She recently backed the British Heart Foundation's Food4Thought campaign, aimed at exposing the hidden salt, fat and sugar in common foods.

She has also claimed for a steam cleaner worth £117.49, and curtains and cushions for £132.

Her other claims included a TV, a fridge and a washing machine - for a bed worth £1,314 and a three piece suite for £2,098 (limited by the Fees Office to £1,114 and £2,000 respectively).

Aside from sticky buns our Elephantidae MP also claimed expenses for a property she did not end up buying.

I do hope he decides to stand against Rosie as an independant MP, its not likely that she will ever forgive him for his jokes, as well elephants never forget.

Aristotle once said the elephant was "the beast which passeth all others in wit and mind", I think had he met Rosie Cooper he might have classed the elephant as a grasping, taxpayer funded bun eating machine.

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