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Lord Paul, another grasping peer.

Yet more peers robbing the public and what a surprise he is a socialist and mate of unelected half seeing PM Gordon Brown:
A multi-millionaire ally of Gordon Brown pretended that a small flat occupied by one of his employees was his main home so he could claim £38,000 in expenses from the Lords.

Lord Paul, one of Labour’s biggest donors and a friend of the prime minister, has admitted he never even slept in the flat, despite stating it was his main residence.

The one-bedroom flat was occupied by a manager from one of Paul’s hotels who confirmed last week that the peer had never lived there while claiming the expenses.

Paul, who has a family fortune of £500m, was actually based in London, where he has lived for more than 40 years.

Lord Paul was last seen in the south of France, his snout down in the soil with all the other pigs rooting about for truffles. Pic from Lakelandersview

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