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Brian Coleman shows he is a weapons grade cunny(post 2)

A hat tip to Rab (who has covered this an thus allowed me to be a lazy bastard an copy an paste bits from his site) for pointing out that London Arsembly member Brian Coleman is back in the news again.

I mentioned him before when he threw a hissy fit about people wanting to see his expenses and he said that it was no ones business and he was not going to show them. He did.

Well Coleman is on fine form, an by fine form I mean he making a complete cock of himself yet again; an has announced that blogging is a 'growing cancer in political life'. (turn to page two of the e newspaper for full story).

He also compares political blogging to online child pornography:
"Just as we are regulating the net over child porn issues, I am afraid I have come to the conclusion that we need to regulate for the protection of public figures and private individuals who are targeted."
Gosh you have come to that conclusion have you Brian, free speech is a fine thing, unless it is aimed at you. How very liberal, tell me Brian with an attitude like that have you thought of crossing the floor and defecting to Labour?

Still maybe I am being a bit hard on Mr Coleman? So lets see what people are saying about Brian Coleman, this site asks if he is a tedious cock. Whilst this one is also not very impressed with him. 

Well you would think that as a politico the words of Oscar Wilde would be in their mind that it is better to be talked about than not talked about. Sadly he seems very thin skinned and is not happy that he has a blog dedicated to him. And then there was this gem which has the pic of Coleman fast asleep in work. 

He was nearly suspended last month for launching an attack on a blogger. On the blog he has been described as “arrogant, lazy and useless”, “Barnet's favourite numpty”, and “addicted to cash and hospitality”.

So lets have a look shall we, first off to Wikipedia and on Mr Coleman's page we see that he was against Middlesex University's plans to expand its Trent Park campus because it was "a crap university". That was in 2004, but in June 2008 that he was to receive an honorary doctorate from Middlesex University for his "outstanding commitment to the community".

In August 2006 Coleman criticised people legally protesting against a provision of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 as "sad, mad and bad". On the restrictions on the right to demonstrate, he stated "It's not a matter of free speech - it's a matter of a proper way of running a world city"

He has also criticised people who protested against a development as "idiots"

In July 2007 he was criticised by Livingstone for spending £10,000 on taxi fares from 1 April 2006 to 30 March 2007, compared to the average figure for a London Assembly member of around £845. On one day alone Coleman ran up a cab bill of £656.

When Coleman was vice chair of the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority he was described as "The Chairman is robust and challenging but staff and some external stakeholders find his style too confrontational."

There you go, Brian Coleman, a thin skinned weapons grade cunny.

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