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Chris Ruane - Grafting little cunny.

Above we see this cunt compare people who deny the myth of global warming to nazi holocaust deniers, yet another grafting Labour filth MP earning his 30 pieces of silver and sucking Gordon's cock. So here are his expenses(PDF)

I see we are paying his mortgage interest, so nice to see an MP getting a property portfolio from our taxes; how very champagne socialist of him. Free food of £400 a month, after all he only gets £64 thousand a year so the poor waif must be starving.

In December we paid for his SKY TV/Broadband and phone line, all vital for an MP I am sure. I wonder if we are also paying for his porn in the same way we funded Jacqui Smith's husband's wanking of an evening?

Also we fund his utility bills like water and electric, after all taxes and bills are just for little people like us. MP's are far to impotent, sorry important to pay stuff like that.

Oh and his tv license and council tax(he lives in a home that we help pay for and we cover the council tax for him), after all why should an MP have to pay stuff when we can fund them?

I mentioned this worthless scum's expenses before. He also voted to keep the 2nd home allowance that gets you to fund his property.

But worry not as his concern over the economy was such that this worthless cunt voted to try and stop Gurkha's who had taken up arms for this land from having the right to settle here. I guess that is not a case of the xenophobia he accuses everyone else of, or maybe its not racism when overpaid Labour scum do it?

**I need to issue a correction here with regards Chris Ruane, I called him a grafting little cunny. This is in fact an error, what I should have said was that it is the Rt Hon. Chris Ruane MP is a grafting little cunny.

After all he has the titles and I think it only fair to use them.

4 people have spoken:

Oldrightie said...

Your clip shows us two very ugly cheeks of The Socialist arse. As for accusing the Opposition of being holacaust deniers, quite disgraceful and an utter lie.

Fidothedog said...

He is a typical valleys Labour type, still banging on about how the Tories and anyone who is not Labour eat babies for breakfast, gas Jews for lunch and sell the workers kiddies off to slavers to pay for their supper.

If you have ever heard these tedious wankers talk on the election trail you will know I am not far off.

banned said...

"Global Terrorism " LOL. What next, Global Binge Smoking as Fat Jaqu nearly said on QT the other day ?

Fidothedog said...

What Jacqui needs is a cup of shut the fuck up. As I have said about her if spend a bit more time keeping her husband "tugger" in line things would be better all round.