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Now he gets it.

Had a chat the other day with a bloke in the pub about beer taxes, he was in favour of them being increased having only listened to the bullshit peddled by MP's and lazy drunken hacks about how cheapo booze is turning all the kids into tiny versions of George Best.

So I pointed out that each year taxes on booze go up, a penny here, a few pence there and that in real terms booze had gone up year on year in real terms(article by DK)

That HM government stats actually showed that was the case.

 I also pointed out that the argument peddled was much the same as government claiming that his car tax should be increased because the illegal migrants down the road have no car tax and so as irresponsible drivers cause damge, he as a good driver with no points on his license should be punished and have some of the collective responsibility as well.

But that's wrong he says.

Exactly says I, now he gets it. One less Labour voter.

As I explained millions go out every day, enjoy themselves, cause no trouble, break no laws, do not get arrested or vomit in the streets, nor do they end up in A&E chucking up over some over worked junior doctors shoes at 3AM.

2 people have spoken:

banned said...

Good for you, I've had similar converstions, once or twice; twice today about how the next rachet of airport " save the polar bears " duty will fall disproportionatly upon the poor.

Fidothedog said...

Exactly rather than punish the binge drinker/drunk sodden lord with fines they impose taxes on all of us.