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Crime rising under New Labour.

Whilst Labour have the police targeting the public for bin crimes, stepping on the cracks in the pavement or "looking at me in a funny way" and hauling up otherwise law abiding citizens before the justices for petty offences, if offences they are in any real meaning of the word; real crime is rising and rather than tackle that this worthless shower of shit keeps on pumping out more shit regulations on stuff like bins.

This is a government has created a new crime/regulation for every day it has been in power near enough.

Yet real crime, thanks to Labour is soaring ever upwards. Gun crime has almost doubled since Labour came to power as a culture of extreme gang violence has taken hold.

Mind I wonder how many of these gangs and criminals that are quite happy to shoot anyone who gets in their way are new arrivals, the 50% increase in immigrants that has occurred since a secret Government immigration policy document was written.

This allegedly claimed mass immigration would make Britain more multicultural and allow Labour to portray the Tories as racists. Speaking in the Commons yesterday, Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling said it would be 'utterly disgraceful' for ministers to base immigration policy on party politics.

4 people have spoken:

Sue said...

They're all utterly disgraceful. Lets hang the bally lot of them!

banned said...

Emerging from my home yesterday I saw the Civic Enforcement Van ( the one with the periscope camera emerging from its roof ) park round the corner on a 2 hour waiting bay and out stepped the scruffy Officer with his handheld camera at the ready.

Over the road is an allyway between two houses and leading to the garden of a third. In this ally was a small black sack of refuse ( which I had not previously noticed ). The CEO proceeded to take some photos of the offending sack but did not remove it.

In the good old days a Council operative would have popped the sack into the back of his Council Van and disposed of it when he returned to his yard which is at the refuse place.
In the absence of a forensic examination of the contents I would be interested to know who they are going to blame, perhaps all three households will bre fined for being jointly and severally liable. Nice money if you can get it and 3 brownie points for CEO instead of just one.

Sadly he had left by the time I returned some hours later because I would have taken great pleasure in reporting him to himself ( overstaying ).

Anonymous said...

The murdering thieves run loose doing their duty and stealing their bounty while the old bill is sneaking around dark alleyways looking for a misplaced piece of trash and somone smoking a fag whom they can shake-down and bash. Thieving prats are Nu Lab's jolly coppers run amuck under a sickening immoral lot of losers sitting in Parliament on the local council.

Anonymous said...

... "and" on the local council.

Immoral snivelling prats, all of em.