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Gerry Sutcliffe MP - Howling at the moon MP for Bradford South.

Well don't know how I missed this hoon for so long, but Gerry is first of in need of a nomination here.

Gerry who boasts that the mad idea of giving convicts the keys to their own cells was in the interests of inmates’ rehabilitation and “decency”. Yes seriously, he said that without pissing his pants laughing. Which clashes with what one Gerry Sutcliffe MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, said in a talk about community pubs.
In many cases, customers are put off going to pubs in town centres, for example, because of the violence that takes place”.
So is Gerry admitting there, that despite rehabilitation in the penal system by giving lags their own keys, that town and city centres have become no-go areas?

Mind when it comes to covering up the graft and sleaze of MP's, then Gerry is there to support a private members bill to do just that. It therefore comes as no great surprise that he also supported keeping the 2nd/3rd/4th and duck island allowance for MP's,

He also voted for the lock people up on the bugger all evidence 42 days lock up a darkie bill.

Now I mentioned some of Gerry's expenses in passing here, where I mentioned that he claimed £3,790 for fitted bedroom, £2,616 for new gutters and sofit boards, and £1,745 for two sofas. So I thought I would take a look at his additional allowances(PDF)

Gerry loves the free food allowance often tucking in for the full £400 a month that we give him, yes a humble starving MP on a pittance of £64 grand a year. Oh how does the poor waif survive?

That old chestnut of "cleaning" comes up again, what is it with MP's are they unable to work out how to switch on a fucking hoover and push it around the office?

Council tax, workers on £200 a week have to pay it, yet Gerry claims it back off of us. How very champagne socialist of him.

Plus his other utilities like gas and electric, all claimed back off of us; don't worry this poor starving MP has been bailed out by the taxpayers.

We even paid his telly licence for him, so he could watch TV. Oh and dry cleaning bills, also covered by us taxpayers. Best of all his home insurance, we paid it for him a total of £292.95p.

But Gerry worried about the vast sums of cash wasted by MP's on expenses decided to save some cash and so voted against letting the Gurkha's settle in the UK. A vote that was thankfully defeated.

3 people have spoken:

banned said...

What precisely is a community pubs and why have they hijacked the C word as a prefix for things they approve of ( not that they approve of pubs ).

Anonymous said...

Is he related to Peter?

Fidothedog said...

Anon as they are both wankers I am tempted to say yes.