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Crimestoppers: Have you seen this man? Peter "pitch ripper" Hain.

From the BNP site:

Known to have lived  in South Africa this suspect might have carried out an armed robbery in 1974. Since then has engaged in a semi legal political lifestyle for New Labour. He has been involved in dubious claims and a slush fund story which nearly led to his downfall.

He has still not handed in his DNA to clear his name with regards the robbery, as many a New Labour minister has said "Nothing to fear, nothing to hide".

Come on Peter hand yourself, sorry your DNA in to the local plod.

I have aways thought him a complete draadtrekker, indeed poes would not be an incorrect term for Peter Hain.

I have also added this little pic of Mr Hain, er, whats the term? Oh yes I remember now, helping the police with their enquires....

2 people have spoken:

Brew Wales said...

Missed out the bit about him being a 'Pitch Ripper'.

Fidothedog said...

Now added! ;-)