The National Debt Clock.

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The Centre for Policy Studies said the figure now stands at over £2.2trillion – not £805billion as the Treasury claims.

So Gordon an his mates have created non jobs, a bloated public sector that actually now tells government what to do, whilst undervalued the assets it flogged off and is still selling.

The debt is soaring at over £6000 pounds a second, all thanks to fantasy economics based on cheap credit and a pipe dream of ever increasing house prices. Oh and not all the economic problems have been resolved as yet like the over inflated housing sector that has not yet fully realised the bubble has burst.

Then we have to pay the billions in interest on that debt, whats that you thought it was free? Sorry just like your loan with Shat West they charge interest. In this case billions every year, billions that could pay for hospitals, schools, roads and all the other nice stuff.

We are going to be paying at least 2% of our GDP every year just to service the debt, a debt given to us by Gordon an his mates.

Huge cuts and much pain ahead folks, share and enjoy; but most of all make sure that one James Gordon Brown former Chancellor and unelected PM gets the blame.

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